The Faculty of Health Studies opened the Health Care Centre

In addition to preparing students to pursue their future vocation, the Faculty of Health Studies of the University of Pardubice focuses on the education of the general public and the lifelong learning courses for specialists. For that reason, with the beginning of the academic year, it opened its Health Care Centre where it organizes various courses, provides counselling and consulting services. All you need to do is choose, the offer is very varied.

Helping towards health

The Health Care Centre has been established to help people on their way towards health and education. It is intended for laymen as well as professionals, for individuals and organizations, for those interested of all ages. It offers quality and up-to-date information from the field, various courses, counselling and consulting services, supervision or field trips. In its activities, it draws on ten years of experience in the education of specialists and laymen at the Faculty of Health Studies, the University of Pardubice.

Currently, the Health Care Centre offers public prenatal training courses for expectant mothers to learn a lot of information and practical advice about pregnancy, childbirth, puerperium, and how to care for their newborn using a special model. The course also includes a tour of the delivery room of the Pardubice Hospital.

Courses for all ages

"We focus on different age categories. In January, for example, we organized a first aid course for seniors, a lecture on knee and hip osteoarthritis or a lecture on hearing impairment. In the near future, for example, we are going to have a course called Recovery Healthcare Assistant, which can be useful for people who go to summer camps and care for children. But we also focus on domestic violence or families at risk," Mgr. Ondřej Pleskot of the Health Care Centre specifies thematic areas of courses and lectures and adds that in the future they also plan that the themes will be prepared and further developed according to the current requirements of the public and that people will be able to participate in the creation of specific content.

Opportunities for professionals

In addition to the programme for the general public, the Health Care Centre also provides opportunities for professionals. It is them who the lifelong learning courses focusing on specific nursing care for chronic wounds and defects, bladder catheterization, or mentorship for nursing and midwifery clinical practice are designed for.

As far as organizations are concerned, the Centre offers training courses on health and social care issues that are based on the needs of the particular organization. These include, for example, communication courses, covering both managerial and patient communication, pain management and first aid courses.

"The lecturers of our courses are experts in the field, working at our Faculty of Health Studies. They have a lot of experience and that is why the courses are based rather practically. Participants can try to perform various interventions on special models that simulate the real situation in practice. These include, for example, models for first aid, bladder catheterization, or wound healing training. We also have great support in collaborating organizations that allow our course participants to attended practical lessons. Specifically, we can name the Pardubice Regional Hospital, a.s. or Hamza Treatment Centre," concludes Ondřej Pleskot.


Find out more

More information about the Health Care Centre and up-to-date list of courses and lectures can be found on the webside in Czech.