Globalization of the postmodern society and bringing nations and cultures closer together is reflected in all areas of our society including the medical fields. Medical workers are increasingly confronted with people of different nationalities and ethnic groups during their work; they have more opportunity to travel and work abroad. It is certain that in the future they cannot do without good knowledge of foreign language and multicultural approach to patient care. Another important phenomenon is the fact that in order to understand a wide range of issues in patient care the medical workers need to draw from foreign literature and other foreign sources. The work of medical staff is enriched by the participation at foreign conferences and membership in international professional organizations. For these activities it is necessary to master at least one world language (mainly English).

The Faculty of Health Studies (FHS) is fully aware of these facts and considers foreign mobility of students to be an important part of their studies. International cooperation is implemented within the framework of several programmes/projects.


LLP/ Erasmus

The Faculty is involved in the educational programme of the European Union Lifelong Learning Programme – Erasmus (LLP/Erasmus), which aims to strengthen cooperation among universities in the European region, to align educational systems and remove barriers between nations and countries. The FHS entered into number of bilateral agreements under this programme and signing of additional agreements is planned. All agreements are valid at least until academic year 2013/2014. Information about individual agreements and possibilities of study mobility and practical internships are given below.


Erasmus+ – study stay

Partnering organization

Web pages

Study branches





Turku University of Applied Sciences

General Nursing (GN), Midwifery (M),

Paramedic (P)


Vaasa University of Applied Sciences - VAMK


Health and Social Worker (HSW),

Satakunta University of Applied Sciences, Pori


University of Debrecen

Health and Social Worker (HSW)




University of Malta





CESPU (Advanced Polytechnic and University Cooperative) Gandra, Paredes Municipality


Instituto Politéchnico de Castelo Branco

GN, Radiology Assistant (RA)




Technological Educational Institute, Athens







Prešovská Univerzita, Fakulta zdravotníckych oborov

GN, M, P

Univerzita Konštantína Filosofa, Nitra, Fakulta sociálnych vied a zdravotníctva





Universidad de Jaén





Ankara University (Faculty of Health Sciences)


Ankara University (Haymana Vocational School)





First Aid, Emergency (P)


The first agreement was signed in 2002 with Finnish university Turku University of Applied Sciences. In 2006 the agreement was signed with Prešovská univerzita v Prešově. The agreement with Norwegian university Gjøvik University College was signed in spring 2007 and with Finnish VAMK, University of Applied Sciences in Vaasa was signed in 2008. In 2010 the bilateral agreement on mutual cooperation with University of Malta, Faculty of Health Sciences was signed. In 2011 the FHS signed two other bilateral agreements, one with Universidad de Jaén (Spain) and one with Technological and Educational Institute of Athens (Greece). The first visit of teachers at both universities was in May and June 2012 and since academic year 2012/2013 it is possible even for students to visit both these destinations. In 2012 other agreements were signed: with Cooperativa de ensino superior politécnico e universitário (CESPU), Gandra (Portugal); with Univerzita Konštantína Filosofa v Nitře, Fakulta sociálnych vied a zdravotnictva; with Instituto Politéchnico de Castelo Branco (Portugal) and with Technological and Educational Institute of Athens (Greece). In academic year 2012/2013 there was the first exchange of students and teachers with some of these universities. In spring 2013 another agreement was signed with Ankara University (Turkey) and in spring 2014, an agreement was signed with another school belonging to Ankara University. These recently signed agreements enabled us to expand the mobility offer so that within each branch of study on Bachelor’s level selected students have the possibility to study abroad. Students regularly go to above stated destinations, at the same time students from partnering universities come to study at the Faculty of Health Studies.

The table provides a list of institutions with which the faculty has a bilateral agreement under the new program Erasmus+.


Other activities – 2013 and 2014

Students have the opportunity to engage in other activities, including meetings with students and academic staff from abroad. In the fall of 2013, the second year of the International Week was held at the Faculty of Health Studies, 21-25 November 2013.

Students were be able to participate in a special program – part of it was the discussion panel about the nursing in our country and abroad through the eyes of students. The event was organized at the time when our students were planning their foreign stays and when there were exchange students at the FHS from partnering universities. The aim of the discussion panel was the exchange of experience from different internships. Students, who had already been at the stay abroad, presented their insights and knowledge, compared the differences in lessons, nursing care and culture of countries visited during their internship.

On April 25, 2014, the faculty organized its 1st International Conference, entitled Quality and Its perspectives. We received guests from several countries – Slovakia, Great Britain, and Turkey. There was an opportunity to network and exchange ideas. Students also attended the conference, some helped during organization of the event.


Since 1 July 2013 the Faculty has been working on the two-year project within the framework of the Operational Programme Education for Competitiveness named Innovation and Internationalization of the Faculty of Health Studies of the University of Pardubice.  As a part of the project there are numerous activities including involvement of foreign specialists from different European countries. Some of these specialists participate at lessons with students directly at the FHS; others are involved in education of students in distance learning.


Other activities – Past activities

The Faculty of Health Studies has recently supported international cooperation on several levels. Our first International Week took place at the Faculty between 3 and 7 December 2012. It was attended by specialists from Spain, Finland and Turkey. Students were involved in the professional programme; they also helped during organization of the event.


In the academic year 2012/2013 four PhD students had the possibility to travel abroad thanks to the project Open Gateway to Science and Knowledge (solved within the Operational Programme Education for Competitiveness) and present results of their research at the international conferences and events.


In 2011 and 2012 the Faculty was involved in the project MINE (Mentoring in Nursing in Europe) within Erasmus Intensive Program. During the project students, academic staff and mentors from several European countries worked together; each year the cooperation peaked during the two-week meeting at one of the partnering universities. In 2011 the meeting took place at the University of Malta (Malta) and 5 Bachelor’s degree students from the study branches of the Faculty participated. In 2012 the meeting took place at the Satakunta University of Applied Science, Pori (Finland) and again 5 students of our Faculty took part.


In 2011 the Development Project (subsidized by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport of the Czech Republic) called Short-term Study Stay at Umeå Universitet (Sweden) was carried out at the Faculty. Under the project three students of Bachelor’s degree study branches could travel abroad to the above stated university for a period of 1 month.


Faculty of Health Studies, University of Pardubice - Contact Addresses:

Mobility of Academic Staff, New Contracts

Petra Mandysová
Vice-Dean for Science, Research and International Relations
Faculty of Health Studies
University of Pardubice
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Tel: +420 466 037 730

Anna Lierová
Internationalization and Erasmus+ Coordinator
Faculty of Health Studies
University of Pardubice
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532 10 Pardubice
Tel.: 466 037 727


Mobility of Academic and Administration Staff

Hana Štosová
Officer for Science, Research and International Relations
Faculty of Health Studies
University of Pardubice
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Tel: +420 466 037 753


Mobility of Students - outgoing and incoming

Mgr. Zora Nováková
Registrar’s Office
Faculty of Health Studies
University of Pardubice
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Tel: +420 466 037 726

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