Denis Henry HALL hostem FZS

Ve dnech 26. – 30. listopadu 2018 navštíví naši Fakultu zdravotnických studií lektorka paní Denise Henry HALL . 

Její přednáškový program s tématy  péče o ženu s ženskou obřízkou, modelové situace zaměřené na akutní stavy v porodnictví, žena v moderní společnosti je určený pro obory Všeobecná sestra, Porodní asistentka a Zdravotně-sociální pracovník.


Denise Hall – November 2018

I joined the midwifery team in March 2017 at Kingston and St George’s University, as a senior lecturer. I am module lead for MW4001 – Birth as a Life Event. Since September 2018 I have been lead for year 2. I also facilitate the A-Equip professional midwifery advocate (PMA) bridging course and also will be leading a bespoke Mentorship course at Croydon University Hospital (CUH). I am also link lecturer at CUH.

I qualified as a general nurse in 1988 and then went on to qualify as a midwife in 1991. I find it hard to believe I’ve been a midwife for 27 years. My most treasured time working as a midwife was between 1997 – 2004, when I worked as a one-to-one, caseload midwife. As a group we provided continuity of care to women. The aim was to ensure that vulnerable women had support and guidance to navigate the maternity system. During this time due to the area where I was based I met many women affected by female genital mutilation (FGM) and my interest grew. I was instrumental in establishing the first community based FGM clinic where women could self-refer for advice, support and de-infibulation in 2008.

More recently, prior to joining the team, I work as specialist perineal midwife, providing care for women with birth related trauma at St George’s Hospital. I also established an FGM service there.

I am qualified in Workplace Mediation and have experience is resolving workplace disputes in a previous NHS Trust.





Denise Henry HALL  

Senior Lecturer Midwifery

Faculty of Health, Social Care and Education Kingston & St. George’s University,

6h Floor, Hunter Wing,

Cranmer Terrace

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